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About the DREAM Menopause Coaching Program

Your DREAM roadmap to good health

Dream of Dreaming Menopause Health Coaching provides:​

  • An alliance in which you are the authority on your health. I will meet you where you are at to co-create the perfect plan conducive to your current lifestyle and support.

  • A comprehensive blueprint program geared specifically to your unique metabolism and preferences to facilitate optional sleep, weight, recovery, and resilience.

  • I will work with all dimensions of your wellness, including physical, emotional, social, environmental, and mental.

Included in the DREAM Program

  • 30 minute 1:1 session with me to assess your lifestyle, goals and wellness vision.

  • Text support from me.

  • Individualized plan that includes diet suggestions, relaxation techniques, environmental suggestions, growth mindset, and movement programs all designed completely for you

  • No two bodies are the    same, so no two programs should be the same.

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